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Electrolytic Process Engineer


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John Cockerill INDUSTRY and the world’s leading steel company ArcelorMittal recently announced companies are partnering to develop world’s first industrial scale low temperature, iron electrolysis manufacturing capacities, the Volteron™ plant, which is targeted to start high volume iron plates production in 2027.


ArcelorMittal and John Cockerill have been working together on an innovative electrochemical process to transform iron oxide into iron plates for the last few years. Volteron™ is a carbon free, cold direct electrolysis process that extracts iron from iron ore using electricity.


We are looking for Process & Development Engineers with expertise in electrolysis processes, willing to join the pioneering team and up for the challenge !


By joining the Volteron core team based in Liège – Belgium, you are giving yourself the opportunity to work on the most environment friendly process to produce steel without emitting CO2 and that it will soon become a real game changer for the steelmaking industry.
John Cockerill, as key player in the energy transition and the circular economy, is a great place to work for those who want to make a real difference.If you demonstrate expertise in electrowinning, electrolysis, plating, electroextraction or electrochemical processes, and are seen as a great team player driven by purpose and values, you really should consider joining.
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John Cockerill

As a bicentennial technology leader in steelmaking engineering and current world leader for electrolysis dedicated to hydrogen production, we are extremely proud to develop together with ArcelorMittal a technology that can be a significant contribution to tackling global warming.