Change & Employee Experience Consultant

Change & Employee Experience Consultant

Réf. : #0621

Required skills : 

  • Deep understanding of human nature.
  • Outstanding analytical & problem solving skills.
  • Excellent communication skills & ability to adapt to your audience in English, Dutch and French.
  • Proactive & adaptive character.
  • Typically, a Master’s degree in human sciences (psychology, sociology, business engineering, HR…). However, we believe that, although important, your academic achievements do not define you and we would love to hear how your individual path drives you to this consultant position.
  • 1 to 3-year(s) experience working in Change Management or Employee Experience.


Contract : Full time.

Localisation : Brussels, Belgium

Further information

At Ink Consulting, we are looking for individuals with a strong sense of purpose and ownership. We have found meaning in what we do and want to give you the tools to do the same. We want to provide you, provide each other, with an environment to learn, create and grow together with Ink Consulting. Check out our TALKS programme here below to know how we want to help you achieve this.

For this role in particular, we are looking for someone who can easily relate to other people and communicate with a broad range of audiences. You need to have empathy and a flair for understanding human interactions. As a Change & Employee experience consultant, you are also very proactive and able to quickly adjust to a changing situation. For this role, you may be the representative of Ink Consulting at the client, which means you are also autonomous in the way you work and are not afraid to ask for help if needed.



Managing your career to keep you motivated

Because we believe that promotions and salary should be as transparent as possible, we are opening up our salary grid so that you may know where you stand and what to expect. To guide you through the steps in your career we will also assign to you a mentor. A trusted person that will help you grow within the company.


Giving you a great space to work

While the greatest tool of a consultant is his mind, we acknowledge that a little help from the outside is welcome. This is why we have chosen to give all our employees the best tools we could get. This also means having a great workplace and because your mind needs some time to rest, we have put in place an internal project. This brings some change from your main work and will give you the possibility to grow in other aspects of your career.


Making sure you actually have time for it

Work-life balance is essential to maintain A-level delivery. This is why Ink wants to be flexible when it comes to working hours or vacation. Managing a career is a full-time job and to help you do it, you will receive a coach outside the company, who you may contact whenever needed about what choices to make and most of all how to make them.


Helping you grow your expertise

Maintaining you grow your expertise is a prime focus for Ink Consulting. This will be done through resources and training but also with the help of a trainer. A person with recognised eminence in the field you wish to keep improving. This person will become your contact for any questions you might have regarding how to tackle your projects or what to learn next.


Getting you recognized for your potential

The best way to improve is to share, both your expertise but also your knowledge. We want Ink Consulting to become a platform where you can accomplish this, either externally when giving lectures or trainings, and internally when coaching your fellow colleagues or contributing to our internal knowledge.

Ink Consulting


It’s with these words that Ink Consulting came to be, convinced that by focussing on the achievements of our employees we would best serve clients and society as a whole. This mission means that we provide consultants that not only have the time to develop their skills but also have a broader experience and are better suited to guide you through your transformations. Ink Consulting helps you in assessing your needs and transforming your company into an agile structure ready to take on all your challenges. Our expertise in IT and Change Management gives us the opportunity with the tools, the processes and the knowledge to give your company the growth it deserves.


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