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Brevo Motors is an international marketing, assembly and R&D company in the two-wheel mobility market. 

These motorcycles have been developed in partnership with Evotech Srl Italy that brings to Brevo Motors this asset already commercialized on a small scale. The professionalization of the international production and commercial process, the experience of the founders and a dynamic market are the bases for the success of the project to create Brevo Motors.

Who is Evotech?

With a turnover of 2.5 million euros (fiscal year 2022), Evotech is a highly qualified manufacturer of motorcycle parts produced for major brands such as Benelli, Ducati and sold on the mechanical accessory market.

Evotech’s competences have increased in the field of alternative motorizations. In partnership with the Brevo Motors current investors, an electric motorcycle SpeedFun has been developed. The motorcycle is finalized and in validation. It opens a new market and creates an exclusive expertise. The company also has expertise in hydrogen motorization without initiating any project for the moment.

Producing far away has proven to have limits for both sophisticated and simple products. This trend is now underway and more and more companies are having to change their logistics and investment model in the short and long term. This trend increases Evotech’s order book and diversifies its customers including Ducati.


– A premium MiniGP/SpeedFun motorcycle made in Europe: the main objective is that the maximum number of components of the motorcycle are European with the highest quality.

– A real MiniGP/SpeedFun bike, for training and racing: The SpeedFun BRevo is built on the experience of the development and production of the PreMoto3 and not on a mini-bike transformed into a SpeedFun/MiniGP. The riding experience is among the best.

– A real educational and safe motorcycle: The MiniGP/SpeedFun by Brevo Motors allows a better and faster sport riding education curve due to the concept of allowing different settings. Sport motorcycling for young people is also an intense life experience, whether you become a champion or not.

– A real MiniGP/SpeedFun motorcycle with more possibilities of use: FIM authorized karting circuits can be used.

– A real MiniGP/SpeedFun motorcycle respecting the noise environment: beyond the attention paid to the noise of the current internal combustion engine, the ongoing developments for the electric SpeedFun will fully meet the ecological demand and the global evolution of the motorcycle market. 

– A new marketing approach by maximizing new social computing technologies can increase the number of interested people, from young people who want to become champions to « old » bikers who want to experience thrills in complete safety.

Brevo Motors is currently seeking to secure a total funding amount of approximately euro 2 million with the objective of utilizing the funds to launch its commercial and production operations with public subsidies for R&D activities. T

he company is actively pursuing investors or financial institutions that are willing to provide the necessary capital and competence in the sector of transport to ensure that the company can succeed in its operative plans

Based on DCF method, existing products already sold and investments already performed by funders, the value of the company is evaluated between 2,9 (raw DCF) to 5 million euros (know-how, assets value, current portfolio in IP and not yet commercially exploited deals)

Fundings can be share investment or mezzanine loan

Brevo MiniGP moto


Brevo Motors is an international marketing, assembly and R&D company in the two-wheel mobility market. 

It is strategically focused on the competition/SpeedFun motorcycle for the young market that wants to progress in competition and for the market of speed fun in thermal or electric.

Brevo motorcycles are already running on the karting and motorcycle racing circuits. 

The motorcycles have been developed, produced and sold in small series by the Brevo business unit of the Italian company Evotech.

The company Brevo Motors, created in November 2022, is a new structure, a spin out of Evotech, whose objective is to market internationally the motorcycles that will be assembled in Belgium with a specific approach in the animation of the community of users and more particularly the young competitors in training.